Notice for QDs Lab in School of Engineering in Westlake University


1. Laboratory introduction

QDs Lab is mainly dedicated to the research of nanocrystals including semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots) and metal nanocrystals, including the synthesis and photoelectric properties of nanocrystals, and explores the application of materials in the fields of display, photodetection, artificial photosynthesis, biology and diagnosis. (Please check the link for more information:

2. Available positions and requirements

(1) Recruitment position: Post-doctorate
(2) Qualifications:
Applicants should have or will soon obtain a doctorate degree in chemistry, physics or materials, and the following experimental experience is preferred:
(1) Synthesis, assembly and related structure characterization and properties (optical, electrical, magnetic, catalytic, etc.) testing of various nanomaterials such as semiconductor quantum dots and metal nanocrystals;
(2) Surface ligand chemistry related directions;
(3) Preparation and optimization of light-emitting diodes (leds), photo detectors and other devices.
(3) Requirements:
(1) The age is not more than 35 years old; has obtained or is about to obtain a doctorate degree;
(2) Strongly interested in scientific research, and be able to carry out research independently;
(3) Physical and mental health, with good communication skills, a high sense of responsibility and a strong team spirit.

3. Salary

According to personal scientific research ability and relevant regulations for post-doctorate, the salary for each one will be different. The stable working environment and a first-class research platform will be provided. Besides we will assist you with post-doctoral related projects applying, and support you personal career development based on your interests and needs.
You will have chance to get support from the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and provincial postdoctoral research projects, meanwhile you will also get support fund from Hangzhou government. If post-doctoral students complete their projects and work in Hangzhou, they will get 400,000 yuan in subsidies from Hanzghou government.

4. Application Method

Please send the following materials in PDF format to, with the subject of the email: “Postdoctoral candidate + my name”. Those who meet the requirements and pass the preliminary review will be notified to arrange an interview. Recruitment notices are valid until the position is full.
1. Personal resume;
2. Recommendation letters from peer experts;
3. Proof of doctoral degree.